Unified CBRN Incident Management for a Diverse Response Team

To develop proficiency in managing CBRN incidents through a comprehensive approach that emphasizes collaboration among military, civil, and corporate responders.

Comprehensive Counter-IED Strategies for Modern Threats:

To provide a deep understanding of the IED threat landscape and the latest countermeasures, with applicability for military operations, civil protection, and corporate security.

Cross-Sector Counter-Terrorism Operations

To train participants in a holistic approach to counter-terrorism that leverages intelligence, operational tactics, and collaboration across military, civil, and corporate sectors.

Advanced Counter-UAS Measures for Comprehensive Security:

To educate on the detection, tracking, and neutralization of unauthorized drones, with techniques and technologies suitable for military defense, civil airspace protection, and corporate security.

Integrated Counter-WMD Preparedness and Response:

To prepare military, civil, and corporate responders to effectively address and mitigate WMD threats, focusing on prevention, emergency response, and recovery.

CBRN Risk Management and Operational Resilience for Diverse Environments:

To equip all sectors with the skills to assess, mitigate, and manage CBRN risks, ensuring operational continuity in the face of CBRN threats.

Exercise and Evaluation

To assess and enhance employee performance through practical activities. Regular evaluations provide feedback, identify improvement areas, and track progress, ensuring continuous development and optimal performance.

Corporate Soft Skills

To enhance communication, teamwork, and leadership, fostering collaboration and boosting productivity in your organization.

Course Topics

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